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Ownership of the Web


The owner of this website, for all purposes, Kromschroeder, SA located in Santa Eulalia, 213 08902 – L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) and with Barcelona Mercantile Registry, Page No. 5588-B, Volume 22188, General Section – Tax Identification Code A-28-060515.




Any natural or legal person accessing this website and / or requesting information or further information on any of its sections by using any of the systems made available in this website, such as: forms, email addresses, through social networks, telephone, fax and other means even if not explicitly detailed here.


Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions govern the use of Web sites Kromschroeder, SA. Some of our websites may have their own Terms and Conditions. If so, these particular conditions, as appropriate, complete, modify and / or replace these Terms.


The use of any of the Kromschroeder, SA Web sites implies full and complete acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions contained herein and of the Special Conditions, if any, that have been established in some Web sites or in parts of them.


Terms of use


To access this Website, user needs an Internet connection, a connection device with an installed and functional browser. All connection costs as well as devices and software needed to run this are at user account. The use of this Web site is free to the user.


Our Website is optimized for viewing also by mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Our platform automatically detects the type of device from which the user connects and directs you to one area or another depending on the type of connection device. Full viewing is obtained through connection from a fixed or mobile device with at least a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, is approved by the W3C in the use of HTML and CSS, so it should not cause problems of access using browsers commonly used. Because it uses HTML5 and CSS3 code to achieve better usability we recommend you to use a new generation browser and keep it updated.


Kromschroeder, S.A. reserves the right to make any changes to its Websites at any time without having to mediate any notice to it.




Any person, natural or juridical, including within your own Website any link (link) involving a hyperlink to any Kromschroeder, SA Website or to any of its pages, must meet the following conditions: The site of origin of the link may not include statements or false, inaccurate or incorrect information on the websites of Kromschroeder, SA.




Sometimes Kromschroeder, SA Websites contain links (links, banners, buttons, etc.) to other Websites. These accesses only have the aim to inform the other sources of information on the Internet and in no way constitute a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit the places of destination, and therefore Kromschroeder, SA will never be responsible for the results obtained through such links, and even less for their contents.


User registration


No register is necessary to access the Web. Some information to access certain sections or services may be requested from this website.


In any case the user information will be passed to third parties.


When user registration is necessary, user will undertake to send truthful, accurate and current at the time of shipment data and to modify it if changes occur in the same time. (For more information about shipping see details later in this document Privacy and Personal Data Protection).


If a user has access to restricted areas within the site, a user name and password will be delivered by Kromschroeder, SA. The user will be responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of the data, meaning in any case, that an access made with user data has been made by the user and / or by a person authorized by him and empowered enough to do so.


Intellectual property


All contents of this site are intellectual property Kromschroeder, SA or third party, being therefore totally prohibited any form of use of such third party, except for those cases where Kromschroeder, SA has assigned rights over them. Assigned some kind of right will always be in writing.


Governing Law, Arbitration and Jurisdiction


These conditions and the particular that may exist, are governed by Spanish law.


In case of disputes relating to recruitment and online advertising, data protection, child protection and accessibility, Kromschroeder, SA, waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.


Privacy and Personal Data Protection


Pursuant to current legislation regarding the protection of personal data (Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data Act):

  1. We inform to users who make use of any of the forms of a Kromschroeder, SA Website, and particularly of this Website, in case of sending personal information to Kromschroeder, SA , the information you submit may be incorporated in a database registered in the Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  2. The user agrees that Kromschroeder, SA uses the data that is voluntarily provided to meet the provision of the services you have requested, including this acceptance, if any, performing services budgets. Also agree that it sent commercial, own or third party information, which is related to the services you have requested.
  3.  In any case the data we ask the user is the minimum necessary to formalize the business relationship and, if applicable, those required to comply with other legal obligations, such as: billing procedures and completing accounting records.
  4. Accordingly, the owner of the data, ie the user, agrees to the processing of your data as described in previous paragraphs. In turn we say we have the opportunity to exercise their rights under the Data Protection Act gives you, that is, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. How to exercise those rights which the law will LOPD states, that is, always in writing and attaching proof of the identity of the person who wishes to exercise any rights over their data. Communications relating to the rights listed above, (ARCO rights) should be addressed to the owner and responsible for the files:
    Kromschroeder, SA, located in Santa Eulalia C., 213 08902 – L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), or to the email address provided for this purpose:


Use of cookies


Kromschroeder, SA Websites may use “cookies”, they are used for the sole purpose of knowing how many times the site is accessed and the preferences shown in the user’s navigation through it. The cookies never store your personal information.
“Cookies” are small session files are stored in the user’s computer. You can set your browser to allow creating these files, if desired. In the manual (Help) of each browser how to do it, usually in a section devoted to privacy is detailed.


If the user has configured their browser to NOT accept cookies, this may be limiting the potential effects on navigation through this website.


Using third-party tools


This Website may use and uses third party products.


Specifically notify users that this website uses Google service called “Google Analytics” whereby non-personal information regarding the use of the WWW in general and this particular site is obtained. The information that this Google service takes (including your IP address) is collected, processed and stored by Google on their servers, not ours. This service uses cookies, so that you can them off in your browser as it has been mentioned in the previous section. If the user has configured their browser to NOT accept “cookies”, this may be limiting the potential effects on navigation through this website.


By using this Web site the user is agreeing that Google especially concerned information of use made of it in the terms stated above.

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