Kromschroeder, S.A. Policy

Kromschroeder, S.A. Policy

Since its founding in 1932 Kromschroeder, S.A. It has been present in our society. With this long trajectory and facing the future, we orientate our VISION, MISSION and VALUES such as:

Our VISION is to be a leading company with international scope, providing products and services with high technological value and energy efficient to the metering, safety, control and utilisation of different energy sources.

To achieve it, we have the MISSION to address the product and service needs of our customers by providing quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly quality solutions, which is distinguished by excellent quality of service, sustained profitability for our shareholders and fostering personal and professional development of our employees.

For this, we at Kromschroeder, S.A. develope the following VALUES:

Customer orientation


We dedicate our efforts to know and meet the needs and expectations of our customers with excellence, complying with legal requirements and with related contract and commitment demands.

Technological value and energy efficiency


We offer products, solutions and services with high technological value for metering, safety and utilisation of fosil and renewable sources of energy, enabling an increase of the energy efficiency and improvement of the environment.

Commitment to results


We prepare plans, set collective and individual objectives and make decisions committing our staff and external partners in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction and shareholders, ensuring maximum efficiency in management.

Interest in People


We promote an environment that respects motivating our employees work and we get involved in their training and in their personal and professional development.

Ethical code and legal compliance


We are committed to the principles and guidelines of business conduct set out in the Ethical Code of the organization and with compliance with the laws, ensuring appropriate behavior in all actions of the company and its administrators and employees.

Likewise, we set, follow and review objectives and targets for quality and environment, we are committed to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in both areas, we act on pollution prevention, the adoption of the concepts of sustainability and efficiency on the use of raw materials and energy.

We assume the commitment of the requirements set out in the standards EN-ISO 17025, UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 and we analyze in a critical way the results obtained as a tool for the continuous improvement of our competence as a Gas Meter Calibration Laboratory as well as of our Quality and Environment Management System.

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