Terms of sale

  1. General Conditions of sale which are detailed below, are the only that regulate our supplies, provided there is no special agreement that modifies them. The confirmation of the order implies acceptance by the Purchaser of the offered products and/or services, their features and the general and special conditions of the offer. Orders, specifications, features, etc. shall not be canceled, changed or modified unless the buyer duly covers damages that cancellation, modification or change can cause to Kromschroeder, S.A.
  2. Prices are for the goods ex-works in our factory in Barcelona or own sale points, when supply is made from them. Purchaser takes the shipping risk, being responsible for the cost of packing, insurance and transport. Taxes, fees, charges, etc. derived from the sale will always be borne by the Buyer. Kromschroeder, S.A. reserves the right to pass incremental changes in material prices, wages, taxes, currencies, tariffs, etc. that arise from the preparation of the offer to the invoice.
    In orders with total amount less than 300 €, a surcharge of 90 € will be applied in handling concept.
  3. Payment of the amount of the provision will be made in cash at our offices, except where a credit is given to Buyer, in which case it shall make payment within the stipulated deadlines. The late payment will imply the obligation to pay an interest of arrears in accordance with the legal banking interest. While Kromschroeder, S.A. not have received full payment for the goods, they will remain under Kromschroeder, S.A. property.
  4. Delivery time starts on the receipt of the order and / or first payment thereof if applicable, Kromschroeder, S.A. will endeavor to meet that deadline, not admitting liability or penalty if delays occur.
  5. Kromschroeder, S.A. is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the installation and / or use of products and equipment supplied.
  6. Plans, drawings, diagrams, etc. they could be attached to offers, are exclusive property of Kromschroeder, S.A. and Buyer agrees not to disclose them to third parties or use for their own benefit if not the order.
  7. The Purchaser accepts any liability for inclusion and / or use of the items and equipment supplied by Kromschroeder, S.A. in appliances, machines or devices are protected by patents, utility models or any other form of intellectual property.
  8. The warranty period of the supplied products is 12 months and starts from the date of shipment from our warehouse. The warranty covers only the repair of equipment in our workshops in Barcelona (exceptionally, in site for industrial heating or livestock heating appliances commissioned by our SAS, but not the traveling and special expenses, which will be on charge on customer side) or replacement of defective parts from our warehouse, that our product service recognizes they are defective. This warranty does not include replacement of parts or devices that are in poor condition due to natural or forced wear, improper handling, improper assembly, treatment or careless maintenance, chemical attack and / or influences electrical or electrochemical. Neither warranty is supported when the client or third parties have made changes or repairs without our prior consent. Excluded in accordance with the Law, all rights of the customer against us, including compensation for damages to persons and / or things as a result of repair and replacement, if our party does not have serious negligence or intent.
  9. Complaints about defective parts, difference in quality and / or quantity, etc. shall be made within the fifteen days after the shipment delivery. In cases where the startup is made by Kromschroeder, S.A., this period shall run from the time it is finished.
  10. The handling of authorizations, regulatory approvals, certificates, etc. shall be made by the Purchaser at its expense.
  11. Kromschroeder, S.A. reserves the right to modify without notice any feature and specification of any components and / or any of the supplied parts, and to make such changes without further obligation to bring him to incorporate such changes on the equipment supplied.
  12. Returns of goods for reasons out of Kromschroeder, S.A. is subject to the following conditions:
    1. The reception of the goods will not occur if there is no prior acceptance by Kromschroeder, S.A.
    2. Shipping costs to our premises shall be at customer expense.
    3. Kromschroeder, S.A. may refuse any return and in no event shall accept products that have been installed / mounted and / or used, which are out of the current portfolio, which have different features than ones in force, which have been discontinued from the range products, which have been specifically manufactured or ordered to its suppliers to meet specific customer needs.
    4. The customer must provide a copy / copies of invoices corresponding purchases of these goods.
    5. In addition to the costs of packaging and tuning of the returned goods that may occur, Kromschroeder, S.A. will deduct 15% of the net amount invoiced at the time the product value.
    6. VAT or tax on the amount which in his case would have affected the supply invoice shall be paid subject to the conditions required by the legislation.
    7. The resulting values of the credit note / notes will be credited to the customer’s bank account and shall be valid only as a deduction from the amounts of the future invoices issued by Kromschrodere, S.A. and after the date of the credit note.
    8. In no case will be accepted less than 375 € products returns value. In case we receive any products in that circumstances, we will proceed to send them back to origin at customer costs.
  13. Under current law, the responsible for a proper environmental management of packages and packaging of our products is the end user. The Buyer shall ensure the transmission of this information reaches it promptly.
  14. Waiving its own jurisdiction and address, if they are different, the Buyer and Kromschroeder, S.A. are submitted to the jurisdiction of the Court of Barcelona.

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